mLogica is an Advance Partner of IBM and works with IBM on its analytics and data management technologies. We can help you with the procurement of IBM Software licenses, and provide you with IBM Information Management expertise for onsite or offsite consulting services.

Business Intelligence

mLogica works closely with IBM to provide end-to-end technologies, services and solutions for Business Intelligence – including information integration, master data management, data warehousing and BI tools.

InfoSphere Warehouse and InfoSphere Balanced Warehouse

IBM provides a unified, powerful data warehouse delivering access to structured and unstructured information and operational and transactional data in real time. mLogica is one of the key implementation partners of IBM for InfoSphere Warehouse and InfoSphere Balanced Warehouse.


IBM Cognos 8 Business Intelligence delivers the complete range of BI capabilities on a single, service oriented architecture (SOA). Author, share, and use reports that draw on data across all enterprise sources for better business decisions. mLogica can help with your reporting, analysis, dashboard development and score boarding needs utilizing Cognos.

IBM Information Server

IBM Information Server is the data integration software platform including Extract, Transfer, Load (ETL) requirements for the Data Warehouse. mLogica specializes in implementing products such as InfoSphere Data Stage and InfoSphere Quality Stage.

Enterprise Data Management

Enterprise Data Management Solutions deliver data on demand to optimize business usage and governance across your enterprise.

IBM Optim Solutions

A single solution that helps you control your application data through every stage of the information lifecycle. mLogica can support you with your projects related to Application Retirement, Data Growth Management, Test Data Management and Data Privacy.

IBM InfoSphere Master Data Management

IBM Multiform Master Data Management manages master data domains (customers, accounts, products) that have a significant impact on the most important business processes and realizes the promise of SOA.

Database Servers

IBM offers a portfolio of data servers that provide the right capabilities across a broad spectrum of requirements.

DB2 9 Universal Database – Provides foundation for data warehouses, transaction processing, or Web based solutions

Informix – Offers an exceptional online transaction processing database for enterprise and workgroup computing