HP Vertica

HP Vertica

mLogica specilized in HP Vertica based buiness intelligence, enteprise data warehouse and big data solutions.

As businesses become more analytical to gain competitive advantage and comply with new regulations, enterprise data warehouses are pushed to answer more ad-hoc questions from more people analyzing vastly larger volumes of data, often in real time. The shared-nothing, column-oriented Vertica Analytic Database architecture provides blazing-fast performance-right out of the box, on standard hardware, enabling more people to analyze more data in more ways so they can out-think and out-execute their competition.

As a Business Intelligence company, mLogica provides analytic platforms where the traditional constraints of data analysis are almost non-existent.

Special Purpose Technology Appliances

Special purpose technology appliances such as database integration appliances to address various data challenges such as sort, aggregate, join, load and storage.

Special Purpose Industry Appliances

Special purpose industry appliances such as CDR Analytics for telecommunications, customer retention for marketing, product positioning for retail, risk management for trading/investment, medical fraud for health care, predictive policing for law enforcement, and more.

mLogica’s BI consulting services deliver trusted information throughout your environment to better help you analyze and understand your information for growth, identify core issues, and enable you to make better decisions that will optimize your business.