Application Modernization

CoSolvers specializes in Legacy Application Modernization. We offer products and solutions that help reduce the operational cost, minimizes risks and modernized the application, database and IT infrastructure.

  • Application Translation Server (ATS)
  • Application Migration
  • Application Modeling

Application Translation Server (ATS)

An Application Modernization Product powered by Oracle that transforms your mainframe applications (Cobol, ADA, etc.) and platforms (AS/400, DB2, etc.), SAP, Oracle Financial Applications, or legacy applications (C, PowerBuilder, Visual Basic, etc.) to a modern Oracle Engineered System. The technical model ensures that your environment is modernized; the financial model ensures that your costs goes down.

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Application Migrations

Application migrations with automated tools, repeatable processes, and proven methodologies including Automated Application Modeling and Reverse Engineering for automated application documentation. Forward Engineering for the automated migration of various legacy languages to modern object oriented languages.

  • Automated application modernization
  • Automated documentation of your legacy applications
  • Transform your legacy applications to an internet based, object oriented technology

We provide a roadmap of your legacy applications through artificial intelligence based software modeling, analysis, and transformation.

What Happens without Application Modeling

  • Changing the code in one area can impact the code in other areas; but you don’t know where and how
  • You don’t know which subroutines and sub programs are dead or never used
  • Writing test and use cases is difficult and time consuming
  • Modernization is impossible. Rewriting the application is the only solution; or is it??
  • Manual rewriting has a 6 times higher probability of failing than automated approach
  • Cost of rewrite is also 6-8 times higher than an automated approach
  • Duration of a manual re-write is 30 times longer than automated approach

Our migration solutions can help you reduce complexity and cost, ensure flexibility and performance, and simplify the migration of your applications, databases, and systems infrastructure.

Application Modeling

Why do you need an Application Model?
Application Modernization

We act as your GPS for Navigating Legacy Applications

CoSolvers provides a roadmap of your legacy applications through artificial intelligence based software modeling. A model is a graphical representation of a complex object, system or concept. An application model is the graphical representation of applications’ subroutines and programs. An application model provides detailed documentation of the application.

Application modeling and documentation is an automated process which produces a detailed presentation of the structure and flow of the legacy code, combining everything you need for complete blueprints of your applications. Help consolidate dead code, unresolved variables and interfaces.

The solution eliminates the need for manual intervention and has the capability to shorten project schedules, reduce project costs, and eliminate project risk.

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