Software Development

Software Development
CoSolvers provides expert services related to custom software and application development, maintenance, quality control and testing services for corporations, as well as software product development for Technology vendors. We have developed software for technology vendors, mission critical applications for major corporations, and start-ups, and we understand that a quality product that must be scalable and dependable for commercial use and business critical solutions.

If your organization’s concerns include rising development costs or too much time spent on support and maintenance, turn to our ISO 9001:2000 Certified Software Development Centers. Project management and technical leadership for systems integration and software development.

  • .NET based software development
  • Java and J2EE based software development
  • C/C++ based software development
  • Oracle Pro*C and OCI based application modernization
  • Sybase Open Client, Open Server/ DB-Lib and CT-Lib based application modernization
  • PowerBuilder development, migrations and maintenance
  • Remote Programming Services and application support
  • Embedded Software Development
  • Mobile Software Development
  • Testing QA and Stress Testing development

Custom Software and Application Development

Application and Software Modeling with Automated Legacy Application Documentation

One of the major challenges with legacy applications is that they are never well documented and they become outdated very quickly for various reasons.

Dead code, unpredictable behavior, lack of use, and difficulties in developing applications due to lack application modeling are other major challenges faced by organizations of all industries and sizes.

We provide application modeling capabilities and roadmap of legacy applications through artificial intelligence based software modeling, analysis, and transformation software.

Language support includes C, C++, Java, .NET, Visual Basic, PowerBuilder, COBOL, ADA, Assembler, FORTRAN, SQL, Basic, Natural and many more.

Application Tuning

Performance tuning is one of the hottest topics in the IT industry. It is important to realize that users are the ultimate authority rating the application’s performance. Our customers tell us that most of their application performance issues can be attributed to bad SQL or Stored Procedures. How do they know this?

We utilize our in-house automated tool based capabilities to help tune your applications and SQL code.

Application Migrations and Modernization

Application forward engineering for the automated migration of various legacy languages to modern object oriented languages provides the highest level of automation for software assessments, documentation, transformation, re-factoring and web-enablement, to a variety of industries.

This is led by automated tools, repeatable processes, and proven methodologies including Automated Application Modeling and Reverse Engineering for automated application documentation; and Forward Engineering for the automated migration of various legacy languages to modern object oriented languages.

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