Application Translation Server

ATS is a standalone, automated conversion software product which plays an integral role in modernization of solutions. ATS enables companies to migrate and consolidate legacy applications to newer, Internet-based applications on Oracle technologies.

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ATM Krypto Shield

ATM Krypto Shield™ is a sophisticated solution that offers the highest level of ATM machine security. It is designed to avoid logical attacks on the operating system, ATM software system and other third party applications.

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Data Consolidation Server

As heterogeneous database migration experts, Cosolvers leverages our Oracle, Mainframe, SQL Server, DB2, Sybase ASE, ASA, IQ, Replication Server, Informix, Postgres and Ingres database expertise with the Migration automated tools, including DCS, Migration Tool Kit (MTK) and Surveillance DB software which includes automated toolsets, software, scripts, and programs, augmented by repeatable processes and proven methodologies to help migrate and consolidate our customers’ database environments.

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MCAP is a Big Data Analytics Platform with an ultra-high performance database and Big Data middleware that is fully installed, configured, tested and managed. MCAP provides best-of-breed compute, network, and storage technologies from VCE, EMC, CISCO with ultra-high performance data ingest and query speeds, and ultra-high speed reporting and analytics. MCAP has lower cost per TB than leading Big Data Vendors with a short time to market – MCAP arrives configured and tuned! MCAP comes with advanced analytics and predictive algorithms with SQL and R; there is no need of infrastructure custom coding. MCAP provides real-time (near real-time) reporting for organizations in multiple industries.

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A Workforce Performance Application providing performance management in a structured approach for directing overall workforce performance from the employee level upwards and monitoring, managing and driving employee performance and increasing productivity.

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Surveillance DB is a Database Monitoring and Performance Management Software.

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